Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zaragoza, Saltillo week 12

This week was amazing. I literally saw a miracle happen. Last week our
zone leaders told us to get all the possibles that could be baptized, this
week (or people who have gone to church once or more before), write down
their names, and pray for and visit them. Over the past few weeks, Ive
wanted to go visit Karen, and investigator that almost got baptized, but
had some "things she needed to clear up first" and would do it when "she felt
it was right", and we stopped teaching her because she started working
Sundays. She just happened to be one of these possible baptisms for this
week. My comp and another Elder went to her house one evening and talked to
her, but she said she still didnt want to get baptized. So I prayed to know
what to do and knew I had to prepare a superior spiritual lesson to teach, and
theres no theme more powerful than the Atonement of Jesus Christ. So my comp
and I prepared a lesson, and I felt we needed to invite one of our recent
converts to go, who Karen actually knew. So we went, found out she doesnt
work Sundays anymore. Barrier one passed. Found out she had nothing to do
Sunday. Barrier two. Then she accepted to go to church. Barrier three. The
Lord just put everything in place. So then I began the lesson, read a
scripture, then, our amazing recent convert Sister, Isabel, just started in. They
just started talking and kinda tossed us out of the picture, which was
absolutely perfect. I heard Isabel say things that were truly inspired, and
she quickly and efficiently answered all her questions. Then I came in and
said it would be my absolute pleasure to take her into the waters of baptism
this upcoming Sunday. This day was Thursday, mind you. She accepted! I
thought it was too good to be true. The next day we filled out her baptismal
form. Still, I thought it was just too good to be true. Sunday she showed up, and
with a full heart, I had the pleasure of baptizing her. This is someone we
hadnt even seen in a good month and a half, and in 3 days was prepared for
her baptism. I was super happy and grateful to my Heavenly Father for having
been so merciful and helping me to know what to do.
So tonight we have transfers but Im pretty sure Im staying here with my
comp. Elder Braithwaite is the coolest and a super chill guy and laughs at
all my silly jokes haha. Im glad Im going to stay with him.
Anyways, I love you all and hope to get some letters. Chris, stay strong,
Pal and get out here!!! MAson WRITE ME!! and and all my other friends too!!
Much Love

p.s. thats me on what appears to be new couch in a random gully....I
probably now have 8 different kinds of diseases.

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