Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zaragoza, Saltillo week 11

This week was great, and flew by. We had some really cool lessons and
stuff, but the people ended up not being able to progress. But its all good,
God sees our efforts.
Sunday we had Regional Conference, and Pres Andersen spoke as well as
Pres. Monson. I didnt know Pres Andersen spoke Spanish. It was cool hearing
him speak all gringo style..... Pres. Walter F. Gonzalez presided. Hes from
Uruguay, and it was cool listening to him speak with a Uruguayan accent.
There are accents in Spanish as well as English. When Logan gets home hes
going to speak all weird haha Spaniards pronounce -th when theres a soft
-c... Well dont worry about it gringos, that wont mean anything to you, ha.
My comp and I are getting along well. Hes super chill and just takes all
my jokes haha. I feel like Im with a less-intense Chris haha!
Man, Im going to start writing stuff down so I can write it to you. Im
sure cool stuff happened, but I just cant remember, it all goes too fast!
Sal, are you signing on to my Myspace? if not, I think it deletes the
account after a certain time, so if not just sign on then off once every
month or something. Gracias
Chris, when are you gonna get your call!!! I saw a Mexican kid playing
with dinosaurs and I immediately thought of Chris. Haha!!
Much Love,

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