Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Solideridad, Monterrey Week 1

Well, I got transferred again as you can see. I'm now in Monterrey again (!¡) and im still a District Leader. My companion is Elder Whitney, another fellow from Utah. He is the third of three American companions that have been from Utah! I know soon ill get someone from Delaware or Alaska or somewhere completely random!
This week was crazy! When I got here they had like 8 people at church last Sunday but no Baptismal dates for the next week, because each had a slight problem or two. So this week we worked the whole week to get a couple married so they could get baptized. That was an adventure. Well Id never exactly had to marry anyone before so I had no Idea where to start, but luckily my ZL's knew what to do. SO they got married Friday, then invited us over for dinner at the members house who are their fellow-shippers (i don't know how to say hermanadores). Then Saturday they had their interview and Sunday their baptism. They kept thanking us and saying they were going to be faithful forever. After the baptism the husband said "Ahora hasta el templo" or, "now, to the Temple". It was so great to see them baptized.
There was also another family of 3 who didn't accept. We went and I explained want baptism is and why its important and things like that. then the mom said that that was her main concern, not knowing why it was important. The Spirit really guided me....because that was the first time I'd met them, and I cleared up their doubts. It was great seeing them also get baptized.
Another lady named Carmen had a baptismal date for this Sunday but we wern"t going to see her till Saturday because she was going to be out of town, so I wasn't really banking on it happening. But Saturday before her baptism, I interviewed her, and she was also ready to go! I was so happy that she was worthy, and we didn't have to postpone the service.
Anyway, I'm stoked to be back in Monterrey. I would have liked to be another transfer in Saltillo with my kid, but I guess the Lord needs me here.
My ex-companion Elder Dearden is in my district!!!!!! I was SOOO happy to hear that. He was one, of if not the best, comp ive had, and definitely the best Ive had in the field. We've already gone on divisions twice, but not to slack off, but to WORK I promise! I handn't laughed that hard basically since Id been with him! He trusts me so much and I know he will be one of the Elders I wont really have to get after, because I know how he does things and he knows how I do things. So it will be really fun.
Yesterday at church, during the passing of the water, while in deep meditation, a kid about 2 seats away from me started puking. really hardcore puking. Kinda the yelling/gurgling type. It was wonderful. Welcome back home to Monterrey Elder Hawken ha.
Well, started off the transfer with 6 baptisms. I gotta keep this rhythm going! Its going to be fun!

Much Love

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