Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Slideridad, Monterrey week 2

This week was great. We had zone conference on Friday, and it was great. They had a sup rise for us. Before we had to do 150 contacts each week, but they upped it to 250. It was hard before! but I know President Romny receives revelation for us, and he said its something hes wanted to do since he got here. He said it surprised him how we we were doing. So now we will be even busier!! (more busy? 驴c贸mo se dice?)
I went on divisions again with Elder Dearden this week. It was so great! I missed talking deeper stuff with him. My usual comps arent the deepest people in the world, but he and I just have the same views on things, but different ways to accomplish them. Its wonderful. But dont think thats all we did. No, I dont think Ive laughed that hard since he was my comp in Piedras! O it was so fun. I have to go with him again this week so I can only imagine!!!
Yesterday we went to the house of Junior and Patty, a couple we baptized last week. She was feeling a bit sick , so we asked if we could give a blessing. Her husband Junior is a very laughy happy kind of person, but when we were going to give the blessing, he got very reverent and quiet. It was an interesting sight. the spirit was there while we were giving the blessing, and afterwords he said that each time we pray he gets a tingly warm feeling. He understands its the Spirit. Hes excited to get the Priesthood and go to the temple to do baptisms and next year to get sealed. Ive really seen a change in that family. It is wonderful.
We later went to the house of an inactive where her (now) husband lives. Before they were just living together but they got married yesterday so he can get baptized Tuesday. She looked like an angel in her wedding dress. I only say that because it was modest. It had sleeves and everything and I was very proud of her. she sat down next to us and said that her goal after the baptism of her husband was to go to the temple in a year. I told her I want to be there when they get sealed, and that Id fly out to see it. She asked really? and I said yes. I cant wait, it will be great!
Well this weeks gonna be even crazier than ever. 250 contacts- fun. Haha no I'm excited to find new ways to be even more effective in my contacts. So thats all. 隆adios!
Much Love

p.s. GIO!!!!!!! You got baptized!!!! man im sooo proud of you!!!!! Kinda didnt see that one coming but all the better!!! write me a letter as soon as you can!!!

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