Monday, January 4, 2010

Zaragoza, Saltillo week 8

Well here I am with a year under my belt. Its gone so fast I cant even believe it. I just gotta make the best of this next and last one!!
This week was great. We worked hard. We had a 14 year old kid at church who is a reference from a member that lives right by them. He went and liked it, but also thought it was kinda boring. When we asked hm if he wanted to get baptized, be said no. We kept answering his excuses, but kept just chuckling nervously and said no. The Spirit told me to take him into the other room and talk with him just us two. He said that would be better. So he told me the real reason, and I answered his questions and the Spirit really helped me answer his questions in a way he could understand. He still said no, but were still working with him and I'm sure he will make the decision to do it.
The other night I woke up to something I thought was a gunshot, but ended up being fireworks on new year. It was really just a celebration for my 1 year mark :) haha but it was really cool. This week the converts of my last companion randomly brought us over some tacos at like 9 PM. He said "oh, we were just thinking about you and decided to make you some taquitos". They ae absolutely amazing. The ward here is so friendly and help us out so much, we just need to decide to use them more.
My companion is doing good. Getting better at Español. He had 5 years in school before so that helped a lot. Hes not really afraid to contact or teach, he just doent know vey well how to. But Im helping him out as much as I can.
Anyway, thats all folks. Write me letters, thats all. I what to hear from the Dudes, and all the other buddies I have there in Pueblo. Has anyone heard about Michael Farnsworth and if he got his call?
Love you all and ¡feliz año nuevo 2010! ¡Año de milagros!

Much Love

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