Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Zaragoza Saltillo week 7

WEll Im still here in Saltillo. My comp got transfered and I got another hijo, or child, or new missionary. Hes a gringo,but the good thing is he speaks spanish. He took 5 years before and just needs to localize it or speak like the Metsikans do.
This week was good. A little hard with Christmas and all. Everybody was going to go out of town, so we didnt have too many people to teach. Christmas eve we went and spent it with a family from 8:30 till 11. It was kinda akward haha. Their family was all ther and they were making the food till 1030 then we ate really fast and came home. They made fish. Those whoknow me know I hate fish. But luckily they made some chicken too so I was happy, but the fish I just had to gag down and all was well.
It was great talking to the fam! Im glad to know nothing has changed in Pubelo. It was also amazing to talk to Chris and Cathy! I love you guys and thank you so much for being there. and also... MASON! Man I hadnt heard from him in like 8 months but it was so great to talk to him. Glad to know the music situation is under control. 1 year man then back to jamming This Side!!!!
Anyways, its almost new year, which means its almost my new year in the mish. I complete a year the 1 of January. Its gone WAY too fast. And they say the second year goes even faster. Im not ready for that! I just hae to take advantage of it and not hold anything back.
Well all is well here folks. Except no letters, but I knew that was gonna come. They said after 10 months they stopped, but mine stopped when I left the MTC. Haha. Write me.
I love you all and hope Christmas was awesome for you. talk to you all next year HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love

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