Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 10 Zaragoza, Saltillo

Thanks Mom and the family for the Christmas Package! Im so happy for the
candy and the beanies from Katie and Mom!
This week was amazing. I was in all different parts of my district trying to
help them out. I wasn't in my area too much. But it was fun.
We had Zone Conference this week. It was awesome, as usual. I got some
really helpful tips. I saw Elder Velazquez, who was my zone leader last
transfer. It was good to see him and talk with him a little.
We also had interviews with the President while we had the Conference. I
went in with the intention of telling him some certain things and asking some
certain questions, and ended up letting everything out haha. I guess the
Spirit does that sometimes, It tells us, " Well youre already here, might as
well" haha. But the President really helped me, and answered some question Id
had, and made me feel really good.
We had the baptism of a 9 year old kid whose parents were less active.
They are really great people, and we hope they will keep coming to church.
the son is really quiet, but his family is really cool. I couldn't get to the
baptism, because the missionaries from the other ward in my same building
had a baptism that suddenly didn't work out. So the Zone Leader`s
just called me up and said take care of it. So I was interviewing this fellow
who said from the beginning that he didn't want to get baptized, he just wanted
learn about God. We talked for a good 45 minutes, and he just didn't want to
go ahead. We cant obligate anyone, so, we'll continue to work with him.
We were going home the other night from divisions, and got a taxi. Well it
was the best taxi ride of my life. The taxi driveer started singing
to us. Id ask him
a question or say a certain phrase, and he'd sing me the origin and meaning
of it. I was smiling the whole time haha it was great.
Love you all and hope to get a ton of letters from all my friends.
Much Love

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