Monday, January 11, 2010

Zaragoza, Saltillo week 9

This week was interesting. Thursday we had weekly planning, the sun was out
and everything. Then at about 4, a cold front came in, and the result Friday
was the first time its snowed here in 13 years. Im so excited I was
here to witness it! I hope my sarcasm is portrayed.
It was pretty difficult this week with the snow and all. Friday we actually
had to go home early because it was so cold and we were having almost
literally no success. Nobody wanted to talk to us and just told us to come
back when it wasn't as cold. So, you want me to continue walking outside in
the below-freezing weather, and come back another day when its warmer? How
gracious haha. We had a good laugh about that.
I went on divisions with an Elder Mendoza in my district. At the end we
went back to his house and had a seniority interview (intrevista de
mayordomía?) I think thats how you say it. anyway he asked me for a blessing
at the end to help him with an experience hed had the day before. Someone of
another religion started throwing out scriptures at him and stuff like that,
but he'd made a promise with God that he'd never contend with those
kinds of folks,
even though, trust me, he's more than capable. So as I gave him the blessing,
I felt the spirit pass through me and into him. I said things that I hope
will help him and that I'm sure were inspired. After he gave me a big hug and
thanked me and said he was glad I was his DL. It was a great experience for
me to exercise my Priesthood authority to help those in need.
Anyway, a good week. I pray the snow is gone for good. But im not ready
for the 120 degree days either. Dang, there's like 4 days of a happy medium
I love you all and hope all is good in Gringoland. WRITE ME!!!

Much Love

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