Saturday, July 4, 2009

Monterrey HIdalgo week17

Elder Hawken sent a note saying he is doing well but very busy!. He didn't have time to write this week.

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Cheryl Bowman said...

Hi Elder Hawken:

I have just (finally) read through all your postings. I have laughed and cried, copied sections and forwarded them on to Elder Polivka at the MTC. He said you were wrong about 4-Sqare. Beach Volleyball RULES!!! He doesn't much care for the food, but does love the wraps and the chocolate milk. He did say that he is able to bear his testimony in Russian as well as pray in Russian, and able to have limited conversations in Russian. He has a better understanding for the "gift of tongues." I hope you are fully enjoying your mission. You are right... you will be home before you know it. We all love and miss you very, very much.

Love, your other mom, Cheryl Bowman