Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monterrey HIdalgo week16

Good week.
So we were in a bike shop the other day, well not a bike shop, but a little bike repair hole-in-the-wall, and we're just waiting for the guy to fix my bike. so we're waiting and waiting and all of a sudden i hear something random. On the radio, in the middle of the day in Mexico, "Come on Eileen" starts playing. I start freaking out haha! IT was so awesome! but it was a little hard to focus after, so I had to start singing hymns haha.
A lady named Karla came to church with us. We had like 4 people who said they would come and only she did. Well it was good. she felt comfortable and is going to get baptized this sunday.
We had Zone conference this week. It was the last of our President of the Mission, and e get a new one the 30th. I hope he's awesome. I'm sure he will be.
Well everything is good here. Its been pretty hot but I sweat no matter what so I don't even care anymore haha. Thank heavens for handkerchiefs!!!!! they make me look like i'm at least not deep frying haha.

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