Monday, July 13, 2009

Coahuila, Mundo Nuevo, week 1

Well I got transfered from good ol Topo Chico/Hidalgo. Im now in Coahuila, which is the state next to Nuevo Leon, where Monterrey is . Im about 8 hours from Monterrey. Its a lot less busy here. Theres no mountains and the people are way chill. We are right now in a time period called the Canicula, which is about 60 days where the heat peaks, and since i sweat more tan 95% of humans, its a pretty nasty sight. But after a certain point its so much I cant even see the difference. Haha its great.
Well I was made Senior companion this transfer. They give a lot fewer senior callings than junior callings. Its not a grade they like to give out, I'll tell you that right now, hehe but ya im pretty overwhelmed. Apparently someone thinks I can teach good and speak good, which I have my doubts. But it comes from God, so apparently He knows something I don't.
Anyway, we met our new misiĆ³n President. He's White and he's way cool. He speaks spanish about as good as me, haha. His wife knows no spanish so the Assistants had to translate for her. The Pres and his wife are so cool. I'm excited to see how they work here.
Sooo… we had an interesting experience this week. We were contacting and a 16 year old kid called us over ( but he had a mustache like thy all do so he looked 20-22) anyway he wanted us to say a prayer for him. We asked what was up, and he said that he wanted to kill someone. Sweet. He was on the verge of tears because he felt so bad, so i knew we weren't in danger. So we went into his house (a little shack) and gave him a blessing. He said he felt the desire go away. He felt really tranquil. It was really cool. Then he proceeded to tell us that someone else wanted to kill him too, and that he was from the mafia. Now i got a little worried. He said he was looking for him right then and he was walking the streets. So we immediately left and called the Leaders. They told us to stay away from him at all costs. Haha it was pretty intense but cool that the Spirit made him feel good. And don't worry, we're not in danger or anything. All is good.
Anyway Thank you all for your support and sorry I haven't been able to write home the past 2 weeks. Freak, but everything is good now.

Much Love

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