Monday, July 20, 2009

Coahuila, Mundo Nuevo week 2

Good week. We had interviews with our new President of the mission, Pres. Romney. He is so COOL!! We had a really good talk and got to know each other a little better. Turns out hes a former CEO of some real estate company in Texas, and also helped franchise a chiropractic chain. So basically, hes retired and we'll leave it at that haha.
Saturday we baptized a guy named Hector. hes a friend of a member who got off his mission like less than a month ago. Everyone calls him "La Mole" because he looks exactly like the giant from the Princess Bride haha. Hes just a huge guy and my comp had trouble baptizing him haha but he did it.
We worked hard this week and found a couple of cool people. Im starting to get a hold of the Senior comp thing. ITs pretty difficult at times, trying to be a perfect example haha but Im making it. We came up with some really good ideas this week to be more effective and get some more numbers. Our numbers havent been the highest, but were going to try and do better this week.
Sat night our zone leader called us to see who we were going to bring to church. Theres one investigator, Angel, who the Zone leaders went to interview for baptism, but he didnt want to talk to us and told his neighbor to tell us he wasnt here. I knew he was there, I saw him, but when the Zone leader called, he told us to go to the impossible to get him to church. I chuckled and said okay. So the next day, we go to his house to pick him up for church, and of course hes sleeping. But they told us he was asleep on the roof of his house. I still have no Idea why. haha but here in good ol Mexico the roofs are all flat, so it was a bit easier for him haha. So what do we do? Two white kids start climbing a tree in suitcoats and everything to wake him up. It was a great sight Im sure. So we got him up and said Lets go! but, he decided to take a shower and everything so we got to church a half hour late, but he was there. The zone leaders told us to call when he was there, so they came and interviewed him and we put his baptismal date for next Sunday. It was a really cool experience of how we have to get out of our comfort zone and just do it. Climb up that tree!!. But ya a good week.
I have come to have a deep and abiding love for oatmeal. we found some packs in our house and made them the express way: water til it looks like good enough, then nuke it for 2 minutes, then another minute and so on until its oatmeal-y. We put peanut butter in it and it was SO good, but peanut butter is expensive here, which reallly makes me mad :( But oatmeal is so immensely delicious and easy and i think its cheap. Even if its not Im loading up on it haha.
I want DJs email and also Elder Andrews's (Andrewses? i dont know which is right haha) I really want to write them. im pretty sure E Andrews is still in our ward haha.

Much Love

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