Monday, April 27, 2009

Monterrey, Topo Chico week 8

This week was pretty good. We got a lot of contacts, but only like 5 of them were home or wanted anything to do with us, but thats missionary work haha. Elder QuiƱonez got 2 wisdom teeth pulled this morning and cant work till wednesday. Im not exactly sure what Im gonna do, either go with another companionship or a yoth from the ward, but well see. I was reading in Alma this week in chapter 44. Whe I read verses 12-15, they struck me really hard. This lone soldier, whos a literal nobody, strikes down the sword of the opposing leader, scalps him, and screams to the army to give up or die. Ownage. Haha hes only got these 4 verses and is never heard from again. Thats kind of the same as missionary work. Ive only got 2 years and afer that, I will be rememberedonly by those I baptized and maybe a select few others. This is my 4 verses. Im just a soldier, a nobody, but I have the right, the power, the authority from God, to scream to the enemy, give up or die. Okay, not literally, but I can fight in the cause of bringing salvation to the children of our Heavenly Father, with a voice that will shake heaven and earth, and a testimony that nothing can kill, and a desire that none can take away. Every day I think to myself, "Elder Hawken, youve only got 4 verses. What are they going to say?" Theres no time for them to say, "he didnt get up on time everyday", or, "he went back to the house because it was too hot". No, no time at all. Ive only got 20 more months to scream and fight, and I will scream and fight everyday. Okay, whew. now that thats over haha. We are going to have 2 more baptisms this sunday. Ones a girl of about 12 whose family was inactive, but comes now. The other is the boyfriend of a girl in a family that also was inactive but comes now. Hes 24 and had a lot of questions, which is awesome because that shows that he really wants to know. Were way excited and ready to work in May. I hope everyone is doing good. The swine flu hasnt struck me yet haha. Were gonna have to start wearing masks, as if people werent afraid enough of missionaries before haha. but ya thank you for your prayers and God bless!!!
Much LoveJAmes

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