Monday, May 4, 2009

Monterrey, Topo Chico week 9

This week was good. Ended it with 2 baptisms. Yeah. Haha. But all is good here. Im being challenged daily wtih my patience and faith which is pretty hard, but Im learning valuable life lessons. First of all- Don't worry about the flu. There are elections going on right now and im sure its just a cover up for something. Sure 150 have died, but in all of Mexico. And its been going on since December, so 150 deaths in 4 months isnt too bad. But still were taking some basic precautions, so all is well here. No one in our zone or even area has had it. I learned something great this week. Jsut say nice things and be helpful. Wow! Elder Hawken apparently you didnt pay attention in kindergarden. Haha but Ive been having struggles with my comp, but by applying these principles where I can, It helps immensely. Sure, at times im just gonna be super perturbed (haha thats a funny word) and Im not gonna want to help him or anything, but that's when I have to the most. Also this week I learned, or had my testimony added upon, by the application of hard work, obedience, and working smart. At times, I just have to do it. And I know thats what my Heavenly Father wants of me is to jstu go to work. Many Elders are perplexed (another funny word) at how disobedient missionaries baptize. My theory, and this is jsut a conjecture, that God is not going to let some goofy elder who is disobedient hinder the work because overall, he is worthy. Maybe not worthy of the Holy Ghost 100% like he would be if he was obedient, but baptisms are not what defines a successful missionary. It is how much you grow, and how you deal with the trials, and how you enlighten other people lives with the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end of the mission, many times, the elder with 5 baptisms has had a more rewarding experience than the elder with 85, 90, 100, simply because he was obedient and God put 5 chosen, prepared, spiritually softened individuals for him to find. Baptisms are not just for numbers, they are solely to bring people to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. MAny elders never realize this. Im so thankful that Ive gotten a hold of it so early so I can apply it for the next 20 short months. I almost got bitten by a dog this week, which was pretty cool. But almost. My MTC teacher told me that to be a real missionary you have to be bitten by a dog and "go" in your pants. #2. Well, Im in Mexico so Im not too worried about either. But, to date, neither. Haha. Tell DJ and Cris to email me, or, email sally and she'll email me. I really want to hear whats going on with ma budz. Anyway thats about it. I get to call my fam Sunday which will be pretty exciting. be ready with questions and whatnot!!!! Love you all, and be good. and dont worry about the flu. If I get it and die, its a Gold Card to the Celestial Kindom. Woot Woot.Much LoveJAmes

PS. oh yeah, if you guys ever watch soccer again, and the team playing says AME, thats América, my favorite team (its not the US, but a team of MExico). And the goalie, Guillermo Ochoa, is my favorite player :) ¡Vamos vamos azul y crema vamos a ganar!
Much Love

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