Monday, April 20, 2009

Monterrey Topo Chico week 7

Yup, im still here. Neither me nor my Comp got transferred. But its all good. This week was a little hard. We didnt do a whole lot of contacts because Im still a little skittish to initiate a conversation in a language ive been speaking for 4 months, and QuiƱonez... well, you know. So yesterday we had to do 56, which we did, and it wasnt hard at all. It makes doing 30 a day seem like nothing. We didnt teach a whole lot of lessons either. we taught 12 with a member present because this awesome member that has 17 years goes out with us almost every day. I try to be a perfect example, Like the elders in Pueblo were, but QuiƱones makes it hard sometimes. But hopefully he’ll look back and see that at least I was a good example. We had Stake conference this week which was cool. I didnt get to see all of it because all the Elders had to help fill the font with water from a well outside because the drain wasnt plugged right and the water wasnt staying. so we were creative and put a plastic bag and a rock over it. Hey, it worked haha. Pres. and Sis. Toris (the mission President and his wife spoke. Pres Toris is a lot like Jake. For the Priesthood session sat. night he didnt stand at the pulpit and talk at us, he had a mic and was walking up in front, to keep our minds busy i think. But ya hes so awesome. His time is up at the end of this transfer the 24 of MAy and we get someone from Texas. Im kinda happy that well have a gringo so I can talk to him better haha.
Everything else is going good. THANKS TO MASON FOR WRITING ME!!!!! DJ and Chris are still no-shows. ¡Gracias a mis amigos fieles! haha. But hey all is well here in Topo Chico. do they have Topo Chico mineral water in the US? its got a yellow label. I live 3 blocks from where its made. Topo Chico. Siempre Cae bien. haha.
Much LoveJAmes.

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