Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monterey, Topo Chico week 5

Disculpeme I dont have a lot of time to write, so I gotta be quick. This week was good. We had divisions again haha. Every week. and guess what I m doing on friday haha. But this week I had a cool experience. My compa and I ate on Monday with our investigator youthfriends right before our district meetng. when we finished we had 10 minutes till the meeting, so I conjectured that the church wasnt too far away. When I aske my comp said that it was 20 to 30 minutes away. and I asked why we didnt leave earlier and that we were gonna be late. He just said in broken english I Dont Care. I jut felt really depressed because hed been showing a pattern of behavior like this and I just couldnt take it. I said a deep weeping prayer in my heart for help. Thats all I said, help me please Father. That night, while planning he basically repented to me. He said he was sorry for being a bad example and that he was going to change. This took me by suprise big time because I hadnt told anyone this. Now this might be because we had interviews with the Mission President the next day and he didnt want me to spill the beans haha, but yesterday and today we worked way hard and theres been a chage in him. ITs amaizing the power of God and its so true that the hardest times come right before the mirales. Today we went o the temple in Monterrey, thatswhy I didnt write Monday because our Preparation day was switched to toay. I didnt get to go through and do a session but I did get to do baptisms. This temple is the most beautiful Ive ever seen. Definitely at the top for marriage haha...
Anyway more stuff Monday. Love you all.
Much LoveJAmes

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