Monday, March 30, 2009

Monterrey Topo chico week 4 (i think) <-yay parenthesis!

Hola everybody. This week was good, except the 2 baptisms we had lined up fell through. One of them is 16 and doesnt have permission from his mom so were gonna try to resolve that this week, and the other is 13 and has the same problem. Im just hoping the Spirit will soften their hearts so theyll get baptized. We had exchanges again and I went with Elder Gatewood again. Haha man. This Elder is a good missionary but doesnt have very good social skills. But hey hes got the Spirit with him so thats all that matters. we taught some good lessons he and his new companion will do good with. He got a new companion becaise Elder Crowell went home. He was the first "going home" elder Ive seen out here. IT kinda made me realize how long 2 years is, and how Im only 3 months in. But that will get me down really fast if i think that. I have to think how SHORT 2 years really is and how Im ALREADY 3 months in. Satan wants me to be down and discouraged, because im spreading the most important message people will ever hear.So we taught a lady who cut hair the first lesson and it went really well. afterward she asked if we wanted free haircuts so my comp says Sure. So guess what, I now have the Mexi-cut. Way short on the sides and longer on top. Feissimo. Haha Im gonna find some way to fix it, its pretty bad. Ill just get some clippers and 2 all the way around. Yesterday we had an interesting experience, well I had an interesting experience. After we ate, my comp decided to take a nap. This is not bad if theres time left over from the alotted 1 hour for lunch, which there was. I didnt really want to so I studied. After about a half hour, It was pertty obvious he wasnt waking up. So I thought "he`ll make his decisions, ill make mine." So I grabbed a handful of Proclamation to the Family pamphlets, opened the front door, and decided to start contacting standing at the front door. Now missionaries cant be away from their companion, which I wasnt. We had taken out matresses into the front room where the air conditioner is and slept there so he was within sight and sound. Unfortunately, no one walked the street for the 40 some odd minutes I was out there but at least I was doing something. So ya, thats pretty much what happened this week. Love you all!
Much LoveJAmes

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