Friday, January 30, 2009

MTC week 4(again)

Hey everyone!
I got a letter from Kayela and Mom this week, but im sure Ill get the rest later tonight or tomorrow, right? ;) jk lol jk Thank you very much for sending me the package!! I was so excited to finally get my sweatpants, and not to mention all that candy! Haha i have to share with everyone because its just way too much! But I really am grateful for it. Not a lot happened this week. Well, let me rephrase that: An insane amount of stuff happened this week, but nothing too significant to write home about. We taught the Plan of Salvation for the last time Wednesday, and that means next week till we leave its all in Spanish. Dont for a second think I know how to speak spanish, though, because I really dont haha, but its gonna take a lot of faith and studying this week haha. But anyway, before we teach the lesson, we have a 15 minute task which is in Spanish, just for basic things like teaching someone how to pray or getting to know them etc. The past weeks were pretty good and E. Andersen and I thought we could understand Spanish all right, not well, but all right. Wrong. We just happened to get the Chilean native this week. Oh my heavens. I understood literally like 4 words she said. It was insane. But I hear they talk a lot faster than Mexicans do, which gives me some relief. So first and foremost, congratulations to Douglas me!!!!!!!!! O man I was soooo stoked when I heard that!!! I couldnt focus the rest of the day!! I think Russion is a 12 week language, which means its pretty intense haha but they all are. Study PMG lile crazy. get to know the lessons and teach with the missionaries, dont just ride around and listen. Its really crazy when you teach by the spirit and you come to realize youre actually doing missionary work. Its awesome. Um, I dont really now if anything else of significance has happened... On Tuesday the district ahead of us leaves and we will be the oldest here. Its insane. I know we still have 5 weeks till we leave but its carazy to think they are looking up to us and asking us for help. Its kinda funny. I want to ask JAke and Matt and anyone else to keep sending me cool spiritual stuff, like scriptures or stories or whatever. But if you do please DearElder it or send it snailmail because I only have 30 mins on the computer here and its kinda difficult to print stuff. so thanks.
Happy birthday to mom on Sunday!! Im sorry i cant be there but I have other stuff to do haha. I love you mom! But other than that, not much else. Its cold here. haha. I should have reported in like March. Jk. O yeah, and Im writing a rap about the Restoration and another missionay is writing one about the Plan of Slavation and another elder is doing the beatbox. haha its going to be sick nasty! Me amo sus todos y se que Dios sus ama tambien!
Much Love

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