Friday, January 23, 2009

MTC week 4

Thank you everyone for writing me. I got letters from Kayela and Brooke this week, and a DearElder from Jake which helped me immensley.Well not a whole lot happened ovre the week, but a lot happened yesterday. I had a way unexpectedly spiritual interview with one of my teachers. It was amazing. Ill send a more detailed letter of it home.We went to the RC last night, which is the refferral center, where all the church commercials and pass along cards have the numbers, and they call here. This lady called and wanted a free bible. I asked her if she knew anything about the Church and she said that she heard Joseph Smith saw God. I told her she was right, and began teaching her the first discussion. Our call lasted 45 minutes. In the middle I asked her to stop, and to just tell me how she was feeling as weve been talking. She sais she felt a peace. I opened to John 14 22-23 (i think are the verses) about the Comforter and she explained to me thats how she was feeling. We continued and at the end of the call I committed her and her husband to read Galatians 5 22, and to pray about the things we talked about and see if they feel the things in that scripture when they finished praying. I also committed them to go to church and I gave them the address of the closest church. I told her I was calling back early next week to see if she did those things. It just really made me feel that this is what its all about. This is why Im at the MTC for 9 weeks is to be able to do this, face to face, and in spanish. It was just an amazing call. Afterwards, Elder Andersen, who had been listening in on it, gave me a big Hi five and everyone looked at us like we were crazy haha.The other thing was right after that with E. Andersen during planning. He went and talked to the teacher outside for a couple minutes and I didnt want to pry, but just asked him what was up. He said "nothing" waited a second then told me of some of the things he'd been feeling. It was crazy because every word he said was exactly the same way I had been feeling. We talked for about 20 minutes and realized we werent the only ones going through this. Afterwardswhen we were actually planning, he said "see right now i just feel like Im on acloud". I felt the exact same thing and was just getting ready to tell him the same thing. It was amazing and made me feel a whole lot better about things.the next was after planning when I got back to the room at about 930. I read the letter Jake sent me and I honestly believe those words were inspired. It just made perfect sense that over time, God has chosen the unlearned to do His will. I had been concerned because I had basically no knowledge of the Gospel and it seemed like everyone else knew the Book of Mormon backwards and front. then he just wrote "Dont get tto down about it, simply commit to learn it." I just love how blunt you are JAke haha and how its so simple and we try to make things more complicated.Anyway, all here is good. the Temple was awesome today as usual. I havent gotten around to the matrix photos, but I have done Light Sabers (if anyone knows what that is haha). But Im so glad to be out here.I just read the email sally sent me about the Office and read it literally to the whole zone. They are all HUGE office fans!!!!!!! Everyone died laughting!! it was so great!!Well I love you all and be good. dont worry about me, Im doin just fine. Youre all in my prayers!
Much Love

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