Friday, February 6, 2009

MTC Week 6

MTC week 6
How in the world! Ive been here for 6 weeks (well, going into the 6th week)I really dont know. I feel like its been 4 days. Anyway, not a whole lot happened here this week. The district ahead of usleft on tuesday, which was really hard. And during Fast Sunday, when you'reclosest to the Spirit, and these people who have become like brothers aresinging "Ye Elders of Israel", and your an emotional person as it is (thanks mom),its a recipe for disaster. I just broke down and started bawling. These are incredible men, incredible friends, and incredible missionaries.
Tuesday we had a good devotional with Bro. Mask of The 70 (to allnon-Mormons, he's an important guy :) ). He told us how he would sit on hisgrandpas knee and listen to story after story of his mission. Once his Grandpaand his Comp were rounded up by some policia guys, and were up against the wallabout to get shot because they thought they were spies. His grandpa quoted in Mosiah 17 where he says "I have a message I have not yet delivered..." then they said the message was for the President of Mexico! So they taught him and he says "Ive always thought Qetzelquatl (The GreatWhite God of the Native Americans) was Jesus Christ." BOOM! How awesome is that! anyway, he was a really funny speaker, and Id suggest looking him up.
My Dad informed me that in a roundabout way, My Uncle Doug recieves my blog too. Hi Uncle Doug!! My dad told me that you are really proud of me and amdoing something great with my life. Ill never forget that day when you called meand told me how proud you were of me. That was really an important call. I loveyou uncle Doug and thank you for all your support and write me! (Halbert has myaddress :)
Every Sunday we watch church movies right after the devotional, and thisweek we watched "Testament." That movie is amazing. At the very end, when the guywho waits for the Savior his whole life and looses his sight (i dont rememberhis name), is told by his son that the Lord has come, and he says "Describe him to me, " Then Christ comes and heals his eyes, that part tears me up! Its so amazingthat Christ did have other sheep not of the fold of Jerusalem (John 10:16) andthats why he came to the ancient Americas to teach the other children he loved.
Jake, write me about your trip to Mexico! I want to know what My People are like!! Haha thats so exciting. Today we get to leave to go to SLC to do visa work, and I dont know if anyone reading this has ever been in the MTC for 6weeks, and then hears they get to leave for 3 hours, but its the best news I've heard in a long time!!!!!! haha but ya I'm excited.
I really want everyones addresses, so me, and give me your addresses.
I know with all my heart this is the church of Jesus Christ, and we have the authority to prove it. However, only after the trial of your faith will we recieve the answers. Faith preceedes miracles. Moses didntsay" Hey god, part the sea and Ill believe in you". He said "I believe in you, so please part the sea." Moses didnt do it, God did!
I love you all and have a good week!!!!!
Much Love

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