Friday, January 16, 2009

James MTC week 3

Man, what to say. Everything is good here, just moving very quickly and I hope Im keeping up alright.We had a really cool experience this week. Our DL has only been a convert for a year and a half, and I overheard him talking about him using his brothers scriptures. The Spirit told me that the district should all get him a set. So I talked to all the others and we all pitched in and bought him a new set of scriptures and a case. When we gave them to him he was just taken aback and he was so grateful. All he said was that no one had ever done domething like that for him before. We all put our nanes in the back so he'll remember us.This week me and Elder Andersen taught the first lesson for the last time, well in english anyway. This week and next is the second lesson, then for 2 weeks its the first in spanish, then the next two are the second in spanish. Then Im off.Man its been so awesome here. If matt or anybody in Alaska remembers Josh Verhagen, I saw him in here. Hes going to Korea.Ya, so Jeffrey R. Holland came and talked to us Tuesday. It was insane. It felt more like he was a father or something talking than an apostle. He talked about the little ones looking at us like were superheroes, like were perfect, and he said they have every right to think that. It was an amazing talk.Wednesday the new shipment came in and some actually came to our zone. Its such an awesome feeling knowing were not the babies anmore, haha although were still young. Theyare all really cool.So everyone in my zone loves the office and at night we had a story time and Iwent over the Surplus and the Moroccan Christmas haha it was awesome. PLEASE keep me updated on that haha. Seriously.We had a great talk on concecration the other day and I realized I need to consecrate myself to the work, and exclude all outliers, which includes music. Its really really really hard not to start singing a Thrice song or scat a nickel creek mando solo, but I need that space for the Lord, and I know I will be blessed for it.I hate to be asking for stuff already haha but if you could send me some sweatpants and Pentel RSVP pens Id be greatly appreciative. The pens here suck, but I like the RSVP. I hope all is well and everyones doing good. Freddy Prince Joona Joona better me when he gets his call. Actually everybody should me. I get the email the same day you send it, though I cant reply till fridays, but its jsut awesome getting news from people. Ilove you all and miss you. Gracias por sus bendiciones!!
Much Love, JAmes

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