Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello Everyone,
Well, its been really intense in here. Its already, and only, been a week. It seems like I got in here 2 months ago, but also 2 days ago.Everything here is fine. Just so much getting thrown at us right now with the language and all aspects of the Gospel. I cant really give too detailed of an account because its all been one huge blur. My advice to anyone preparing to come out is read and study PMG. It will help you so immensely.My companion is Elder Andersn and he's from Thousnad Oaks, California. Hes pretty cool. We work pretty well together.Wednesday we taught the first lesson for the first time. It was pretty cool, but needed a whole lot of work. We get to do it again this wednesday so were studying up hard so we can nail it this time.We just got back from the Provo temple. As we were walking there I said to my district, "this has to be one of the wierdest looking temples ever." They all laughed and agreed. But once we got inside it was so beautiful. I think its my favorite so far, over Denver and SLC.We have a gym period 5 times a week, and I spend it doing the most pointlessly fun thing here: four square. Yes, that game we played in elementary school. Here its really intense and everyone hates our zone because they take it so seriously and make moves and team up on people haha. The fist day I spent most of the hour laughing just because of the prospect of 19 year olds playing four square, but its the most intense second grade flashback you'll ever have, believe me.Weve had many Large Group Meetings, which is just where the mission presidency comes and speaks to everyone. They are really informative and I take tons of notes. Its one of my favorite parts of the MTC.The spanish is coming along... well i guess. Weve learned a little on how to bear testimony and how to pray. Its a whole lot coming at us all at once so we have to take good notes and have a lot of faith that the Lord will make up what we cant do.We had the next shipment of newbies come in Wednesday and it made me feel kinda good that Im not the newest of the new. I cant wait to get out in the field and actually teach people. I really envy the Elders and Sisters going stateside and only being here 3 weeks while Im here for 9 but I have to remember D&C 11:21 and know my time will come.So thats pretty much it. The chocolate milk rules, as everyone said it did. Oh, and if anyone wants to write me while Im here at the MTC just go to and you can email me and Ill get it the day you send it because they print it out and deliver it to me. Since I can only check Email on Fridays, It gets to me much quicker and makes my day :)
I miss you guys, but I know this is where Im supposed to be. So, I love you and talk to you later!!
Much Love

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mobro said...

Funny how 4 square will bring back those memories. Everyone would get angry at the kid who would cherry bomb it and kick him out. And the people that teamed up? Pssshhhh... Carse that was one of the only ways to win. Good times.

Haha, your first week sounds like a blast. The chocolate milk only adds to the wonder of the MTC. Everyone says such great things about it, it's great you didn't leave that out. :)