Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zaragoza, Saltillo Week 6

This week was great. We had the conference for this half of the
mission. It was so cool! I got to see Elder Andersen again. I cant
wait for everyone to meet him haha hes so awesome.
Elder Kioa, the Tongan elder in my district, decided we were going
to sing a song for the conference. HE decided and just told me haha.
they just asked if anyone had a musical presentation and he jumped up
and said Ya me and Elder Hawken. Haha we sang Brillan rayos de
Clemencia, or... Brightly beams our Fathers Mercy. haha I couldnt
remember there for a second.
We all did sketches. ours was really lame haha. my ZL and i were the
Asisstants to the Pres and it was all in slow motion when the new
missionaries arrived, to the tune of Chariots of Fire. Them my comp
gets a call and gets mad and slow mo punches me and then everyone jut
starts fighting slow mo to Chariots of Fire haha it was so silly.
Im pretty stoked to talk to you all on Christmas. Anyone who wants
to can go to my house to talk to me if you want to. ESPECIALLY MASON!
I havent heard from that guy in forever! Be there!
Well I dont really know what more to tell ya. Today we have
transfers. We find out at night. so well see whats up there.
I love you all and take care! ¡Feliz Navidad!

Much Love

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