Monday, October 12, 2009

Piedras Negras week 14

This week was awesome. We found some great people and improved our way of working.
We had a terrible-awesome experience this week. We had 4 groups of people that said they were going to go to church Sunday. But, when we went for them, one by one they all bit the dust. At the last house, the most sure, they werent home. I felt so terrible. It was the third week in a row we had people assure us they could go to church and didnt go. I didnt know what to do. I just sat and thought for a minute. I began to feel better inside, calmer, and that everything was gonna be okay. but at the same time my mind told me, "Dude, you dont have anyone at church! What are you feeling good for!" Then my comp and I went to a grove of trees in between a couple of houses, kneeled down in our suits, and said a prayer. We prayed that God would put someone in our path that we could contact and take to church so the hard work of the week wouldnt go to waste. Faith is demonstrated by accion, so we started contacting. Our third contact was an inactive kid of 18 I'd met a time or two before, and he was talking with some of his friends. We just asked them if they could go to church for an hour. They looked at each other and said, okay. So we went to church, had testimony meeting, and before we left we got his address and are going to visit him Martes. I learned that God really does bless us for our hard work, but, its not always in the way we expect it. Were hoping to teach him this week and baptize him Saturday.
One thing Im always going to remember about this place is the mosquitos. At about 730 they come storming out, basically. My face becomes like a windshield wiper. You cant see the little buggers, but you can sure feel em. I cant open my eyes too wide or breathe in too fast haha. Its so gross. I have no idea why Im telling you this haha.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!! I miss you and love you and you better take care or ill come home and beat you then come back here. Probably on a P day. Dont make me do it!

Much Love

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