Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monterrey, Topo Chico (which next week will be Hidalgo) week 12

My ward, Topo Chico, is joining with another ward called Hidalgo, because Hidalgo ward doesnt have too strong of an attendance, but the name is being changed to Hidalgo, because thats the colony where the building is. Also my area boundaries are combining with that of the Hidalgo missionaries area, also being called Hidalgo. As of next week (if im still here) Ill be in the Hidalgo area, and the Hidalgo ward. Sorry to those non-Mormons reading this. The area Im assigned got bigger, in normal terms, haha.
This week was a little hard. Good, but hard. We had 5 people with a baptismal date goal of the 24th, but 0 made it. 4 wanted more time, and 1 was "sick". But, they've told us they want to so we just have to keep teaching and encouraging them.
The 3 sisters we are teaching got interviewed by the Zone Leaders on Friday. Me and my comp went on divisions with the ZLs, so they could interview the 2 others we had. The mom of the 3 other young kids we baptized was one of the ones who was going to get interviewed, but when the Zone Leader went to their house the one time before, to interview the 3 kids, he was very pushy and made a really bad impression, so she didn't want him to come. Well, she actually said He will never again step foot in her house. Hes a very fast talker, impatient, and thinks he knows it all. So ya, not a very good impression on people who have only known me, haha. So I went with this Elder to interview the 3 sisters. Well, he made the exact same impression with them. At the end of the interview, 2 accepted baptism, but one didnt, for one reason or another, but I could tell they were'nt secure. The next day they told us that they didnt feel ready and that 2 weeks was too short a time to just change everything, especially when they have to focus on their mom who has cancer. They told us this Elder was very pushy and everytime they said they didnt feel ready he just kept repeating the same thing over and over, that they need to just have faith and do it. We told them not to worry, and that we're not mad by any means and that were going to talk to him. What makes me mad is Im sure that if there was a compassionate missionary who interviewed them they probably would have accepted. But whats done is done, and they said they want to keep learning, so we're going to keep talking to them and helping them along.

Anyways thats about it here in Topo Chico/Hidalgo.
Amèrica (not the US, but the Mexican team, azul y crema) isnt in the finals for fùt (or what you white people call soccer), so Im not too interested in it. Okay, I am. Im pretty sure the Pumas are gonna take it. Fútbol totally and completely owns every other sport. And for anyone who calls them "field fairies," like Ive heard, lets see you take off your pads, and play, or extend the court about 4 times, or run for about 2 hours straight. Ya, that's what I thought. ¡El Juego de los Hombres Compa!

Much Love

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