Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monterrey, Hidalgo, week 13

Good week. We had transfers and yes, i got a new companion. Elder Sabaleta, and hes from Torreòn, which is just outside mission boundaries. Hes awesome. We actually planned and I feel like Im a part of the companionship now, not just trailing along. Were definately going to get work done here in Topo.
This week was the first week of the ward Hidalgo. We had about 120 assisting, which was way more than what it used to be. some of the members from Topo chico ward were mad that the name didnt stay as the ward Tpop Chico, because the Topo ward is older. Wow people. Its a flipping name. The church building is in the Hidalgo colony, so its only logical. But everyones fine now, and we got a lot of new cool members.
An interesting event happened in sacrament yesterday. The passers finished giving the sacrament and walked back up to the table, but there was only one cup left, and 3 of them. So one of the blessers pulls out 2 more little cups, puts them in the tray, takes out a glass of water and pours it right in. The Bishop looked over at the Stake Pres but he didn't say anything so apparently it was okay haha. I just thought of my ward at home...

One of the members took us to a Carls Jr for lunch one day, and as we were getting ready to leave, I heard above me a familiar voice, looking up, I see Billy Joe Armstrong in front of a column of fire or something. It was the new Green Day song. Thankfully it was the very end and I didnt catch any of it, but for the next like hour I was just wondering what the song could possibly be, but then I made myself forget abuot it haha. It was way funny.
Well DJ is heading to the MTC. "Own" at four-square, DJ, take tons of notes at the Devotionals, and Sundays at 930 before the church meetings they have in the Gym "Music in the Spoken Word" Where MoTab sings some awesome songs. I was fortunate enough to be there to see a bunch of white folks singing (well, trying to sing) gospel tunes, like African American slave tunes. When your singing something like that, you dont perfectly pronounce every word!! It was way way funny seeing MoTab get down haha!!!!!

Much Love

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Tom said...

Señor Pablo James,
I miss you like a fat kid misses cake. How is Mexico? Hopefully it's fantastico. Keep in touch, and email me an address where I can write you.

Tom (T.C.) Harrison