Monday, May 11, 2009

Monterrey- Topo Chico week 10

This week was good, and pretty hectic. We had zone conference Friday because it was cancelled the week before because of the flu thing. But we had it and it was awesome, as usual. We contacted a kid who's 17, married, and has a kid. We've been giving him the lessons and hes seeming to understand pretty well, and were hoping to baptize him. Were also teaching the mother of the 3 kids we baptized, and she seems pretty secure about getting baptized too. We contacted a lady who's 26 and got a return visit the next day. When we went back, her sister of 16 joined us. After the lesson, they informed us that their mother had cancer, and we asked if we could give her a blessing the next day. We returned the next day and their sister of 23 joined the lesson. They all seem pretty interested and remembered a lot perfectly that what we had taught them the day before. Its pretty interesting how that the past 2-3 weeks we haven't had much success with lessons, and I got really discouraged, with my comp and everything. But, I didn't lose faith in my God. I knew that's what Satan wanted of me, to think that there's no one out there. But, I kept on going. I kept on walking, talking, sweating, and believing, and now, we have 5 people we're teaching. Now that doesn't mean were going to baptize them all, but it shows they are out there, and that the hardest times come right before the miracles. We got to talk to our families on the phone yesterday. DJ and Chris were there, and haven't changed a bit!!! HAha Chris still loves dinosaurs and has no life haha, and Dj´s.. still DJ..haha.They haven't changed, and I wouldn't want it any other way. The family is doing good, and we just shot the breeze for an hour which was fun. It just proves that nothing changes in Pueblo. The only cool thing that happened was when that building blew up, which was in like November haha. Since then, not much... If anyone wants to send me a letter or something, you can, but put a picture of the virgin Mary on it. that way when it goes through Mexican customs, they will think its "holy" and wont open it.... it works, trust me.
I love you all!Much Love

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