Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monterrey, Topo Chico week 3

This week has been good. I noticed some interesting things about Mexico this week... First off, they have counterfeit movies, just like the US but they have like 4 in 1. I saw one with Bolt, HSM 3, and 2 other movies that are like still in theaters. Its crazy. Im sure they arent very good quality though. The other is the favorite alcohol. Every place has their favorites, Jamaica is probably Red Stripe, Detroit was probably... well, heroine. But here its Carta Balnca. Holy cow, literally almost every store has a carta blanca sign. Its so funny. Sorry that im not using exclamation points to emphasize my point the keyboards are different and no onbe knows how to do it haha [exclamation] Okay down to business. This sunday I have my first 2 baptisms [exclamation] Freida is 14 and the other elders before me had been working with her for a while and idk sh just decided she wanted to. The other is Hasael and hes 16 and awesome. Hes one of the sons of the family of 6 we are teaching. We watched Testaments at the church and after took them and showed them the font and explained about it. The E QuiƱonez extended the invitation to them and Hasa immediately accepted. Im so excited for hin [exclamation] His sister and cousin are hopefuls and were trying to get them to be baptized sunday too. Its so cool to see what all of this is about, to finally see peoples lives changed. Its so rewarding. I went on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Gatewood. Hes... a good missionary. Hes a bit of a nerd haha but he is a good missionary and I learned a lot from him. While with him we were teaching almost the entire time and people would just let us into their homes to teach them which doesnt happen a lot in Topo. But it was good and I found many ways I can improve. Not a whole lot more happened this week. Im doing well and stayiong well fed. My comp spent all his money for the month o Im helping him a LITTLE but if we dont get transferred this next change Im telling him thats not happening again. But Christ would give his companion money if he ran out so Im being an example. BUt we also cant be saved in our ignorance so im gonna tell him whats up haha[exclamation]
I had one of the elders send a package home from the MTC with the clippers and my first planner, did you get it [question mark....goofy keyboard] And also on my Ex Hard drive are like 13 of my songs and some of the elders want a CD for after the mission. If you could please send like 10 or 15 so I can have some extras. My address is in the last post I think and if not my dad has it.
Anyway the obra misional is strong here in Mexico. Im being obedient and I can see it paying off. If theres any questions please write me [Exclamation]
Much LoveJAmes

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