Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monterrey, Topo Chico Week 2

Well, this week has been cold. Its Mexico. Mexico is not supposed to be cold dang it. It rained a little and its just been dark all week, but the sun came out today! I was way excited when I woke up this morning. :) So we were tracthing one day and this guy beckons us to come over. He and his friend are chewing, some naaaasty yellow stuff, and hes asking us about the church. This in itself is funny, because hes asking us the perfect questions like why there are so many churches and stuff. Then, another friend comes over and hands him a big ol' joint, and the guy takes a huge puff. So hes holding it in, gettin all the good outta it, and he asks us in this retarded im-holding-my-breath-but-still-trying-to-talk voice, "¿Ustedes no tienen problemas con las drugas?" "You don't have problems with drugs?" Me and my comp tried as hard a we could to not laugh while this guy kept asking us about Christ while smoking weed. It was so awesome! We are still teaching the Mendoza family, and the 3 jovenes (youth aged kids) went to mutual with us, and seemed to enjoy it. But they couldn't go to church because they had something else they had to do. But were hoping next week they can come. This family is awesome, but I'm not so sure how serious they are about the gospel. I would talk to them more, but my Spanish is limited and I wouldn't even know where to start. I do talk to them, but at this point I'm still trying to just understand what everyones saying, which is becoming easier. I told mom to see about sending me my zune with church music and stuff on it. Well we cant have them, only CDs. So if you really wanted to you could just send me some church CDs (instrumentals, acoustic, and other stuff you think id like :]) . But no rush. My comp has Cd´s that we listen to. The Spanish is coming along okay, I guess. I just gotta keep studying and studying. I can speak a little, and I do contacts, but not a whole lot more, but I am practicing. Its so awesome being out here. The people rock. The food is AWESOME. To all you gringos who think the California Burrito from Adolfos is Mexican food, its NOT! The actual Mexican food is so much better! Its my favorite food of all :) Man, I never EVER thought Id like Mexican food, only that Id have to get used to it over like 8 months, but its sooo good! They have soda that's mango flavored and pineapple flavored and every other flavor! And its actually good, not some cheap rip off. Estan bien ricos. I know I m really bad at answering questions, but if you have any send them to me and Ill do my best to actually answer them. Hehe. I love you all and be good!
Much Love

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