Saturday, February 14, 2009

MTC Week 7

Okay, going into week 7. Completely crazy. In 2 and a half weeks ill be in Mexico, and completely clueless. Man I'm so excited!!!! Thanks to Jake & Amy & mom for the packages, Kayela, and Brooke for your letters. It makes my day when I get mail from the people who really care about me :) Es lo maximo.
Sunday we had a good devotional and after we watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration. That movie is amazing. that man is amazing. there is no possible way anyone would or could go through something like that without guidance from God. If Joseph wasn't a prophet, and those who followed him were not, why is the Latter-day Saint religion so well? It wouldn't make any sense. I love Joseph and I know in my heart he was a prophet called of God. I just know it. The Temple was awesome, as always. The spirit in that holy building of God is absolutely amazing. Every time I go I feel the Spirit, though it may be in different ways, its always the same.
Tonight we have a "mock" baptism for the zone, all in Spanish. I'm singing "Come, follow me", which Im really excited for. Its going to be interesting having everything done in Spanish!! This sunday me and another Elder are singing "Abide with me, 'tis eventide" which I'm also really excited for. You didnt think that because I'm on a mission, Id stop singing did you? Haha church hymns are the best!!
So happy Valentines Day to everyone!!!!! I want DJ and Chris and Mason to be my valentines. ;) haha yeah sorry I kinda forgot about it because it seems like January was 3 days ago, and were already a halfway through February!! Its insane. Not much new or interesting things have happened in the MTC this week. Its basically class and eat and study and class and eat and class and sleep. But I love it!! Haha but I cant wait for the field to go out and teach my people of Mexico.I love you all and hope the week is good.
If you haven't written me please do:

Elder James Hawken
MTC mailbox#148
Mex-MonW 03022
005 N. 900E.
Provo UT84604

Hasta luego!
Much Love

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