Friday, February 27, 2009

MTC Week 9

This is it. Last few days in the MTC. We had a meeting about health and safety in the field and some like 94 year old guy was delivering it to us. I'm sorry, I'm sure it was informative, but we just couldn't concentrate! and every time he said diarrhea we couldn't help but laugh! Lo Siento!So I ran into someone who served in the Spanish Branch back home. His name was Elder Andelin, and he actually baptized Pablo! He asked about Gina and Lily and I said they were all doing fine. It was a cool experience.
Thanks to mom, Gilly(Sally), Cari, Kayela Kim, and Alisa Lybbert for writing me. I didn't know so many people cared about me :) Please keep writing!!We taught the 2nd lesson for the last time today (in the MTC haha). We had a native of Guatemala and we understood pretty much most of what she said. Its so amazing the Gift of Tongues that we are blessed with. The lesson flowed very smooth and we got to know her and her concerns and taught to what her needs were. It was amazing. and we committed her to bring her friend next Sunday :)We also taught our "progressing Investigator" again this week (read last weeks blog :) ) It was way incredible. It was the second lesson and he was extremely receptive and understood everything, so we committed him to baptism. He said he feels like its right but he and his wife are separated at the moment and should talk to her first. I asked if he would ask her and his 3 daughters if they would listen too. He said he would love it and would ask them :) Too bad we'll be in Mexico...So its really weird knowing this time next week Ill be in Mexico. I'm so excited, but a little scared too. I know I shouldn't be because the Lord will be there, but still... its nerve wracking. I just need to get out there and get working! But I know God will help me in whatever I need.For our last devotional, the choir sang "come thou fount" which was absolutely the best possible song to sing for my last choir performance here. Oh it was so great. Last Sunday me and one of the Hermanas in our zone sang "A Childs Prayer" in Spanish, which was incredible as well.Sooo, not much more to write. I haven't started packing yet. haha. That will be fun. hopefully my bags will be okay.Now that Im done rambling, Ill end this lil doggy. Love you all and will write next week from Mexico!
Much Love

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